WayCoolYo is the most unique and exciting place to celebrate your special birthday! With a WayCoolYo party, you get exclusive use of the Laser Maze Challenge, the NERF Dart Tag Battle Zone and one of the private party rooms to guarantee the most memorable celebration. At WayCoolYo, your party gets our staff's complete attention to ensure that everyone has an awesome time.

This website is best viewed with a graphic browser. We offer fun laser maze birthday parties and NERF Dart Tag birthday parties for people in the vacinity of BucksMont Indoor Sports Center such as:
Montgomery County, PA
Bucks County, PA

WayCoolYo's Laser Maze ChallengeTM

That place is so fun!
— Kid walking by the door.
Listen to the great time the kids AND parents had at this recent WayCoolYo party!

Exclusive use of the Laser Maze Challenge and the Battle Zone are included in our parties. Schedule an unforgettable birthday party with us today!

My kids had such a blast here on Sunday! I don't think they know which one they liked better, battling each other in NERF Wars (along with my husband!) or all the kids trying to beat each others scores on different levels in the laser maze! WayCoolYo is a hidden gem!!!! We can't wait to go back!!!
      — Mom via Facebook

WayCoolYo features one of the world’s largest and most challenging laser mazes. You’ll get totally immersed in the fun! Imagine entering a dark room and a web of lasers pops to life right in front of your eyes. Your mission is to navigate through the puzzle of lasers as quickly as possible. It's just like in the movies! Do you have the ability to navigate through the web of lasers and return through the Maze to safety?

What is it?
It is a laser maze (not laser tag) — an exciting new game for kids of all ages that tests your agility.

How do you play?
Enter the maze and the laser field lights up. Work your way to the hand scanner for your first objective then try to grab the stack of cash in the vault on the way out.

How long does it take?
It just takes a few minutes to make your way through the laser field.

How is it scored?
A low score wins. Every second adds points to your score, so move quickly! But not too fast — every laser you break will add 30 penalty points to your score.

Are those real lasers?
Yes! But not like the ones on your Light Saber — they don’t hurt!

Can I keep the money in the vault?
You can try but no one has been able to keep the money. Once you grab for the stack of money, it disappears. It’s just a hologram. Sorry.

$2 per trip
$10 per 6 trips
$15 Hour Pass (Combined with our Battle Zone)