Kids, bring your mom and dad, family and friends to have a blast, battling it out in our TurfTag war! Dodge flying darts. Dive behind bunkers. Evade the enemy and capture the flag!

You won't need to bring anything but a lot of energy. We will provide all of the equipment and excitement.

What is TurfTag?
TurfTag is an exciting new sport for kids of all ages. We fill the turf surface with a bunch of paintball bunkers, spread out our arsenal of dart blasters, suit up dozens of "kids" with special uniforms and throw out hundreds of darts. Games like "Free For All" and "Capture the Flag" are played. It's all the excitement of paintball, but without the welts.

"Just wanted to tell u that I thought u guys did a great job with the event.  I know Ben had fun.  He wants to go back.  It was well organized."
"Thanks again, the kids had a great time! Looking forward to your next event."
"My son greatly enjoyed the turf tag! He is most interested in having an open night...."
"We had been to a TurfTag war and thought this would be a great event for our sixth grade class."
"THANKS SO MUCH - our families had a blast...this morning Trey asked when we were going back...."
"Our swimming and soccer clubs all heard about this and I would love to do it again - please let me know when your next event is scheduled!"

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Can't Wait?:
Form your own teams and let us know when you are ready to play. This is an awesome activity for birthday parties, team building, family get togethers, school activity nights and much more. ContactUs@WayCoolYo.com for more information.

Walk-in registration is open 30 minutes before the first game begins. Space is limited. We highly suggest that you pre-register to hold your spot by clicking the button below. Previous wars have reached capacity. Pre-registered players are required to sign in at least 15 minutes before the beginning of the games.

This game is fun for all ages 7 and up. We will make every effort to match teams up based on age and ability.

All darts, blasters and uniforms are provided. Please do not bring your own darts or blasters. They will be confiscated and melted into a modern art piece.

Normally up to ten players assigned to a team, but it may be adjusted based on the number of registrants. If you wish to be on a team with your buddies, it must be done at the time of registration 15 minutes before the games begin. If you don't have a full team, you may be assigned additional players to your team. No one will be allowed to switch teams without the agreement of the referee and both teams once the games begin. However, teams may be changed at any time by officials to make the competition more enjoyable for everyone.

Games last approximately 5 minutes but can have multiple rounds. Rounds will include "Last Player Standing" and "Capture the Flag" battles. A referee will be assigned to each battle, but with darts flying everywhere it's hard to keep an eye on them all. We will rely heavily on the honor system. Cheaters not welcome. They're no fun.

Some Rules:
A tag only counts if it sticks to the player — anywhere on the player. A tag doesn't count if it doesn't stick. "Friendly fire" counts as a tag. Please don't shoot your teammates. If you have a dart on you, then you are considered tagged. Make sure to remove darts between rounds. You may catch or block a dart but a "dart wipe" will be scored as a tag regardless of whether or not a dart is there. Please refrain from moving, removing or knocking over the bunkers. No cheating. No bayoneting. No picking on adults. No whining. No wagering. Please try not to take this too seriously.

Each game will be held on the turf field in the back of the building or on one-third of a turf field.

$15.00 per person for 75 minutes.
Pre-registration requires a deposit to hold your spots.
Cash, credit card or check at time of check-in.

If we missed some detail please email TurfTag@WayCoolYo.com.

TurfTag LeagueTM:
If you are interested in joining our TurfTag League email TurfTag@WayCoolYo.com or fill out the form on the left.

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